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Upcoming Swing Dance Classes

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Swing Line Dance Classes – with Art and Becky Bragg – at the Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder

Please note: the Avalon is a vaccinated-only venue – YOU MUST SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION (card or image) to attend. You must also supply contact information (phone or email) for any potential post-class contact tracing. Don’t forget to bring a mask!

Good News!  Because Swing Circle Boulder is following BCPH protocols, and we have been granted a mask exemption MASKS ARE NOT REQUIRED IN OUR CLASSES – but note that the Avalon building requires that MASKS MUST BE WORN IN ALL PUBLIC AREAS (lobby, hallways, bathrooms).


Shim-Sham                    Saturday, October 23, 2021                       2:00-3:10 PM                         $10

The Shim Sham is the swing line dance version of the classic 1920’s tap routine, adapted and created by Frankie Manning’s for swing dancers. The Shim-Shim is danced at swing dances around the world.  Come learn this classic line dance and join in the fun when we dance it in swing dances at the Avalon Ballroom!

Mama’s Stew                Saturday, October 30, 2021                        2:00-3:10 PM                          $10

The Stew’ is a vintage warm-up choreography used by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.  It combines many classic swing jazz moves into a fun, fast moving dance.  The routine is called the Mama’s Stew after Mama Lu & The Parkets.

Tranky Doo                    Saturday, November 6 and 13, 2021       2:00 – 3:10 PM                       $20

The Tranky Doo is the classic line dance created in the 1940s by Frankie Manning traditionally danced to the song The Dipsy Doodle.  Full of classic up-tempo jazz steps, you will find people all over the word dancing the Tranky Doo.  This class is a two session class.

About Us

Art and Becky have been dancing and teaching Swing for over 30 years in the Boulder area.  We learned our Swing and Lindy Hop from the great Frankie Manning during the swing revival of the 1990’s and would love to share the joy of swing dancing with you!

If you have any questions about class content or levels, contact us at